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Things about me

David Soner was born in Metz in 1974 and now lives in Luxembourg. As a teenager, he discovers Hip-Hop culture that has just seen the light of day. He experimented with the different disciplines of this underground, break-dance or rap culture, but it was finally through graffiti that he discovered his true vocation. He starts to deposit his nickname in the streets of Metz and it’s called “Soner”, in memory of a missing friend who had suggested to him to take this name as an artist. More than the vandal spirit, Soner is interested in aesthetics.

This preference led him to join a school of graphic design, change his work support and to expose the results.
For the artist, the nickname hides more work than is generally suspected. His obsession with the signature led him to calligraphy. His style is thus influenced by Arabic calligraphy. His work as a graphic artist then opened him to other more contemporary sources of inspiration, for Soner painted with his time, which gives all his modernity to his work. These are remarkable for the delicacy and precision of the line, which testify to the artist's experience and the fineness of his choice of color. And for good reason, Soner is an expert in visual identity.

Indeed, overflowing of creativity but also professionalism, Soner also puts his talent at the service of companies in search of a strong and original visual identity, via his two companies Pschhh! And Caligrafizm. In this sector, Soner has the particularity of making logos by hand, voluntarily keeping a strong link with crafts.

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